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This is a muttering confused self-indulgent rant that I realized was too long for Facebook. Therefore, perfect for DW, y/n? ;)

I'm in the process of trying to turn a dissertation chapter into an article, because I need more publications or at least "submitted to" papers on my CV by the fall job season. The chapter draft is nearly 16K words. And as I'm looking at journals, I'm finding widely variable length requirements. Philosophy and Public Affairs has 12K; Social Politics has between 8K and 10K; Hypatia has 8K; JMEWS has 7500; Meridians 9K.

Clearly there's a TON of chopping to be done. But the question is, how highly do I factor in the length requirement in my selection of a journal to target it to?

How do you pick where to submit an article? What is be your process?
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