Jul. 15th, 2010

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My thesis adviser gave me a suggestion on how to sort my research that could lead to the best procrastination ever (even better than making maps & graphs!) if I'm not careful, so I thought I'd ask if others had a suggestion before I fell down that great big procrastination well.

Basically, she suggested that I create a database that would allow me to search through all my tidbits of Interesting Facts and bring up Interesting Facts that were related to, say, BOTH X and Y, or EITHER X or Y, or X AND Y AND Z. She suggested a relatively-simple tagging process, and sorting it chronologically and all sorts of nifty things.

Since my very first though twas "I could design a database!", I'm wondering if others use a system like this, and what sorts of programs they use to sort it? Like, does EverNote or SimpleNote do these things? Or is there another way of doing it?

I'm eager to use her method because I think it will make the writing process much simpler (and makes it easy when I'm doing something to come back to it after a few months and just review everything tagged X), but I'm well aware that playing with shinies can distract me from my ultimate goal, which is getting this thesis done with so I can move on with my life.



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