Jan. 4th, 2012

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 Hello all,

I'm a noob and I'm afraid my first post is something of a plea - I do hope the content doesn't transgress any rules, I couldn't see anything prohibiting such posts...

I'm currently, desperately trying to write my PhD application.  I've previously been accepted for PhD study but had to withdraw when I didn't win the funding I need.  I've decided to give it another go this year and the funding deadline is February 12th.

Here's where this lovely community, I hope, may be able to help me - I need to know what I did wrong last time that meant I didn't get funding, so I need to know; What makes a really good funding application? What are top tips, phrases and nods that might make all the difference and finally get me on to my much desired PhD track? What phrases turn up again and again in funding applications that make funding bodies cringe and immediately toss aside the application?

If anyone is able to go a step further and actually read my proposal (90% of the funding application - the rest of the application being personal statement type stuff which I currently have a blank page for) I will be eternally in your debt - although I don't expect for a moment I can expect anyone to have time or inclination to do that.

For context; I'm a social and cultural studies student and the application is to the UK AHRC (via the university I am applying to). I have a relevant MA behind me.


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