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Hi! I'm an English Lit undergrad going into my third year next semester, and right now I'm trying to pick my modules for next year. The dissertation module is completely optional. Can anyone give me some pros and cons on whether or not to do a dissertation? I will be tracking down someone to give me advice within my university, but I'd welcome any thoughts now to get a better range of ideas.

I'm worried about doing a dissertation largely because I am infinitely better at exams than I am at long pieces of work. It's very much presented as an opportunity, not a requirement, and I'm worried I'll mess up my chances of a first if I do it because this is exactly what I am not good at. So far I've focused on short essays, creative writing and languages. My firsts have been in Old English and Middle English exams, based mostly on translation, and a poetry exam. I've got a 2:1 in all essay-assessed modules.

*tiny, overwhelmed, terrified voice* Help?
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