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Name:Academia: A Community for Academics and Interested
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For professors, researchers, grad students, undergrads, and anyone with an interest in academia.
This is a community for anyone who considers themselves an "academic," or has an interest in "academia." That includes, but is not limited to:

1) Professors (adjunct, full-time, retired, quit-in-disgust)
2) Research professionals (either employed in universities or elsewhere)
3) Other university employees (support staff, librarians/archivists, administrators, etc)
4) Graduate students
5) Undergrads (under most conditions...see below)
6) Those who do academic research without a university affiliation, or from other professions

Some Guidelines:
1. Be respectful. Snark is fine. Being a bastard is not. This is not [ profile] academics_anon. Let's be a little more kind.
2. Racism, sexism, homophobia, and other structural oppressions are not welcome here.
3. We are open to people in all fields of study and all theoretical perspectives. Please do not challenge the legitimacy of another member's scholarly persuasion.
4. Undergrads are welcome to join, provided they are willing to act as junior colleagues: that means that they are interested in the profession of being an academic, in how universities are run, or are thinking about grad school or a career in academia. This is not a place to complain about how mean your teachers are for assigning too much reading/requiring you to write term papers/show up to class/not being willing to treat you as a special snowflake. This is also a place where, probably, professory-y folks will be complaining about their students (because that's like a good third of what professor-y folks do with their time, if my Facebook feed is any evidence). If that's going to bug you, probably best not to join.

These community rules are subject to change when it seems appropriate/with some consultative process among members.

Right now, your mod is [personal profile] ajnabieh. I would love to have a co-mod or two. PM me if you'd be interested.
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